As a full-time real estate broker, I have had the pleasure of interviewing with many potential Orange County homeowners for the job of selling their homes. I have been on listing appointments all over Orange County and been in every situation from being asked zero questions and hired on the spot to very aggressive interviews with lists of questions, credential verification, and commission negotiation. Every experience is unique, one from which I am able to learn and apply to my knowledge base for professional growth.


4 common questions that Orange County real estate sellers need to focus on.



1. What is the specific marketing strategy to sell my house for top dollar?

If the only reason why you are hiring a Realtor is so that your home shows up in the MLS, then save yourself thousands of dollars and just pay a "flat-fee" brokerage to list the home. Tip: make sure not to pay too much, because it's not worth that much!

Every property is unique with its own positive and negative features in the eyes of potential buyers. Trained real estate professionals can identify these things in order to exploit and market the property properly and attract the most eyes.

Market conditions can change from month-to-month or week-to-week and the availability of competing properties can greatly influence the demand and desirability of a home, so like everything else in life, sometimes timing is everything. Real estate professionals understand this dynamic and should address this factor. 

An effective real estate marketing plan is not general and takes into account the specific property, current real estate market conditions, market trends (i.e. move-down buyers), financing options, and much more.  


2. How are your negotiation skills and what is your negotiation strategy?

Yes, negotiation skills and strategy are two different things and they arise in many forms throughout a real estate transaction. In fact, most sellers do not realize negotiations start the second you hire a Realtor. If the person you hire is a push-over then they will probably be a push over in negotiations.

Some of the most common areas for negotiating and re-negotiating during the transaction are: during showings, during verbal conversations, in the written offer, home inspection, and appraisal. Each of these areas is a potential point in the transaction when hundreds, if not thousands of dollars can be lost. Real estate professionals should know this and understand how to avoid any monetary loss to their clients.

Sometimes these negotiations are not very obvious or explicit, so dollars can fly without even realizing it. Hire someone who is in your corner, not someone who is going to ask you to concede on every issue that arises.


3. How do you communicate?

Did you know one of the top complaints among consumers and real estate professionals about real estate agents is a lack of or poor communication! It is critical to the success of any transaction that ALL parties are easy to reach and responsive. This is especially critical during the marketing period, when potential buyers and agents are excited about a new listing. Real estate agents should be able to adapt to any communication method whether it be via phone, email, text, face-time, facebook, or face-to-face. When most buyers are represented by real estate professionals it is important that your agent responds to every communication from a potential buyer or agent!


4. What makes you different from every other real estate professional?

Every real estate professional should have a value proposition that differentiates them from the competition. If someone does not have a value proposition then why hire them?