Orange County Condo Market

Over the past decade condos for sale in orange county have become a more favorable style of living to the growing young professional population and starter families. Condos provide more than just a less expensive (most of the time) option to traditional OC houses, they are less maintenance, provide common areas, activities, amenities, and recently have become part of large transit oriented developments (TODs). TODs are upcoming urban developments that have long eluded the OC real estate market. They are a combination of residential, commercial, and retail developments close to each one another. The idea is to create work/live communities with access to public transportation. The OC real estate market has traditionally been suburban but the land-locked county can no longer grow outward and with a steadily growing population, the sky is the limit. These OC housing developments are taking place all over Orange County including Irvine, Anaheim, and Santa Ana.

The Irvine real estate market introduced the first high-rise condo development named Marquee and since then at least 3 other high-rise condos in OC have been constructed. These condo towers offer concierge, retail, gyms, pools, banquet rooms, movie rooms, outdoor BBQ's, activities, and more. Along with the luxurious amenities comes a higher price tag, but they are worth every penny. Call one of our Orange County Realtors to learn more about the OC condo market.

OC Condos for Sale